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AMBER QUILL PRESS, LLC WILL CEASE ALL RETAIL OPERATIONS AT MIDNIGHT (MDT) MARCH 30, 2016 (0700 UTC) MARCH 31, 2016. The site and all its books will disappear from the Internet at that time. Be sure you've downloaded everything from your Bookshelf and have used all your rewards points prior to those dates and time.

This publisher opened its doors in late 2002, and I was privileged to become one of the authors for this "Gold Standard in Publishing" small press in 2003, when I was a winner in the first Amber Heat Wave Erotic Short Story Contest. My winner, Dark Stranger, was released in the spring of 2004. I recently toned down the sex from erotic to sensual and indie published it as Night Rider, under a different name.

Epublishing was in its infancy in 2002. I've been through its rise in popularity and our books finally accepted as non-vanity, non-subsidized real books. In the beginning, you had to purchase an expensive eReader. Today, free apps allow you to read any book on any device.

I like being with a publisher, and am crushed at the loss of mine. The AQP owners and staff were wonderful to work with, they operated an honorable publishing house, and I feel a deep sense of regret that changes in the publishing world have created its demise. Through their support of my work, I earned Published Author Network status in Romance Writers of America, saw my stories final and place in other romance contests, and built a wonderful online network of author friendships.

In the last two years, I watched as my royalties slowly decreased largely due to a major drop in sales from Amazon. I was among many long-timers who wondered if small presses could survive. With AQP's closure, I believe at least four houses have been forced out of business in the past year.

Why? Were they poorly managed?

No, the behemoth Amazon, in effect, became a publisher. Not just with Montauk and their Kindle Scout program, but by opening the door to indie publishing. They've eliminated the middle man functions of small presses. Now, as an indie published author, I am the middle man—I pay an editor, a formatter and a designer for my books. I pay for advertising, and I'm accountant and tax woman.

Novellas selling for $6.00 on small presses couldn't compete with Amazon's prices...often priced at $1.99, $2.99 or even $.99. Sometimes even free. Those of us who have joined the indie phenomenon have had a role in forcing those middle-man, small presses out of business. We are part of the downfall.

My website will remain, but on March 31st two male-female erotic stories will be the only books there. In From The Cold will be my first gay erotic rerelease. If Loose-Id accepts Silk Stealth (combinied now with Book 2: Silk Stealth: Shadow Warrior) it will eventually show up there.

The world changes. I think four small presses have closed in the past year. I'm sure there will be more to come.

For now, prices are really good for the Amber Quill Press books!

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Check it out! Prices are great for my books now on Amber Quill's website. Pick up your free copy of Savage Lust, my prequel to the Night Train vampire series. Do check out my now short-lived, latest release Surf's Up!

Onward Ever, Backward Never

Thank you for your support over the years



Carolina's book surf's upSURF’S UP!
ISBN#: 978-1-61124-001-6

Available only through March 30, 2016 at:
Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure

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Native American Raven Wave Rider is a successful architect and businessman. He’s also an accomplished surfer who, out of fear, typically hides his orientation and is extremely discreet about any sexual liaisons. His haircut and clothing are those of a white man, and his employees and friends know nothing of his early life on a northern California Indian reservation.

Now, six years after leaving the rez, a young man named Hunter literally surfs back into Raven’s life. At first Raven doesn’t recognize the guy who, as a boy, was his best friend, and also his first love. When he does finally recognize Hunter—now penniless, drunk, and a lover of the “glam look”—he sees him as a loser, an embarrassment, yet their reunion will shake some of Raven’s most closely held beliefs.

But is he up to the challenge? Will he release those stubborn beliefs and open himself to live life more fully and openly?

published by carolina valdez


Carolina's book avalanche AVALANCHE!

Available now Amazon

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After a serious crash in competition, ski patrol leader Seri Lohan, a Super G gold medalist, will never compete again. Chad Jenkins, next year’s hope for another downhill gold for the US, is seriously injured on Seri’s Lohan’s ski patrol watch, and she volunteers to take care of him. Years ago, Chad broke her heart. She’s determined not to let him do so again, but, trapped with him in a chalet by a blizzard, all the old sensual tensions and longings emerge. In his semi conscious state, he reaches for her. If she succumbs, what will it do to her relationship with the man who has asked her to marry him? What will it do to her heart?



Carolina's book lureLURE

Available now at Amazon : Smashwords

Passions sizzle, suspense chills, and greed, lust and love ignite in this contemporary romance when the ATF Bureau sends Special Agent Karin Woodhall undercover as an exotic dancer. Her goal is to lure the killer of two women into the open and find evidence of the sale of illegal guns by the owner of a seedy bar called Pinky’s Club. Unfortunately, Angelo, her new back-up, finds her too sensual to resist.

Anguished over her safety in the sinister world of weapons sales, dangerous biker gangs, drugs and murder, Angelo ignores the powerful woman’s ability to protect herself and demands she withdraw from the job. Karin adamantly refuses, setting up a tension between them that heightens the danger as they work this assignment.



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Science Fiction/Futuristic
Series - Dark Fantasy, Vampires

Shapeshifters, Weres, Vampires

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Paranormal Elements

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Published by Carolina Valdez



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